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welcome to Windsor

While many of us think of Windsor as a country town, impressions and ambience from the hill above the Hawkesbury River offer the atmosphere of a small village. Petite shops and cafés line a single street - George Street. The pedestrian friendly Mall is home to an iconic waterwheel at the top end with a town clock and an historic post office as its book-end counterpart.

It is 1810. Windsor is the third city of a fledgling penal colony named by Governor Lachlan Macquarie. On the highest ridge overlooking the river, the Macquarie Government erects a government store, a military barrack and a government house. Additional huts on the ridge provide rudimentary housing for convicts with little protection from cold or heat.

Early dates conflict but as early as 1795, a portion of land within spitting distance of the military barracks is preserved as a civic space for residents. Markets are a weekly event as produce is plentiful. Yet, punishment by flogging or hanging in this public space simultaneously entertains and terrorises residents.

By late 1810, the space is named Thompson Square, following the October death of wealthy emancipist settler, Andrew Thompson. Along with the construction of an essential wharf on the river's edge, Thompson Square and the government constructed buildings give the appearance of a small village. Macquarie's vision for a growing colony takes shape. This is Windsor.

From the top of George Street down to Hawkesbury Valley Way, early Windsor buildings still line each side. Bright umbrellas decorate The Mall protecting café fronts and providing a shady respite on hot summer days while the slow-turning waterwheel sends a cooling spray to those nearby. A charming ambience suggests that we slow our pace, enjoy a hearty breakfast or a lovely slow lunch and consider a late afternoon walk along the river.

Often our history - dates, places, wars and peace treaties - is not so captivating to many. But the historic buildings, homes and graveyards are part of the charm of this village. Contemplate the pathway from the wharf up to the cellar of Macquarie Arms pub. Bridge Street did not exist. Rumour has it that rum was carted from wharf to cellar in the dark of night. Along the way, though only a short distance, a barrel often disappeared!


HAWKESBURY REGIONAL MUSEUM will launch an 'admirable contribution to Australian military history.' "Frederick Whirlpool VC" by Alan Leek, is the story of the first VC pinned to an Australian uniform, yet almost nothing was known about its enigmatic recipient. Sunday October 7 at 2pm, 8 Baker Street, Windsor. Unsung Hero -- buried in Windsor unmarked grave

EXCITING NEWS FOR HAWKESBURY HIGH SCHOOL (WINDSOR) These talented young students placed 3rd in the Sydney Water  'Brand Without a Bottle' film competition. Awarded $1500 along with water equipment at the Sydney Water Gala for this competition. Read the Full Story!

WANT TO BE HAPPY OR PERHAPS JUST A LITTLE HAPPIER? VOLUNTEER... The Hawkesbury Museum and the Hawkesbury Regional Gallery need your happiness! Volunteering is just what these scientists say is best for our state of mind!  Call the volunteer coordinator today: 02 4560 4439. 

HAWKESBURY REGIONAL GALLERY (WINDSOR). Artist Judy Brownlie in conversation, Saturday, 6 October 1.30pm. Check out her exhibition and all the activities at the Gallery  in our EVENTS column... a complete schedule is listed.

SYDNEY WINE TRAIL in the Hawkesbury. Get up and get out into the beautiful rural countryside. A 'tasting' Sunday is just what the doctor ordered!  A Sunday Tasting

LE PAIN ARTISAN COFFEE & BAKERY, 70 GEORGE STREET (ACROSS THE STREET FROM MACQUARIE ARMS) is a FANTASTIC addition to Windsor Mall. Young baker, Gia Vi Lam has trained in the French Tradition and the breads, baguettes, and sweets are to die for!  Hours are 7am - 7pm -- rare for eateries on The Mall and breakfast is served all day. Today, we sampled a magnificent loaf of wholegrain sourdough...delicious!

HAWKESBURY PADDLEWHEELER . . . PLAN AHEAD for warm weather and floating on the beautiful Hawkesbury River. Make your reservations now. Phone: 0401 798 088 It's a Lazy River

HAWKESBURY CENTRAL LIBRARY, WINDSOR. Author talks, Free Movies, Family History, Workshop of all types, Cemeteries, Inner Resources (yours) and Storytelling. Wonderful Activities.


WINDSOR SUNDAY MARKETS ON THE MALL. 9 am - 3pm Lots of crafts, fresh produce, local honey and food stalls. Cafes are open so make this your Sunday shopping go-to place!

HAWKESBURY REGIONAL GALLERY: ART AND DEMENTIA TOURS ON THIRD TUESDAY OF EACH MONTH AT 11AM. Bookings are essential. These workshops are designed for those living with Dementia and for their carers. Facilitated by gallery staff (specially trained by Alzheimer's Australia) the experience offers an enriching program. Bookings 02 4560 4418.


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