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Friday, 24th September brought about a new collaboration between the Sebel Resort & Spa and the Hawkesbury Artists and Artisans Trail with the launch of In Focus exhibition. Throughout the public rooms of the Sebel Resort, works by the members of the Hawkesbury Artists and Artisans Trail will be on display until October 14.  Part two of this exhibition will launch on Thursday, October 14.
On Friday evening (24/9), many local guests attended the opening which was officially opened by Councillor Christine Paine. Councillor Paine entertained the audience with stories of the development of the Sebel, before it was The Sebel Resort, but merely a rural paddock with a relic of a cottage situated on the eight hectares.
Ms. Paine shared humourous stories of celebrations and birthday gatherings at the pre-Sebel development, providing the audience a personal and historical lens on how the Hawkesbury hospitality industry grew with support from local citizens.  On Friday night following the exhibition, family and friends of Ms. Paine were once again continuing their shared history -- celebrating a special birthday at The Sebel Resort's Harvest Restaurant. 
The Exhibition: The paintings on exhibition are diverse -- a range of styles, paintings and mediums. From landscapes, still life(s), botanical, to abstracts -- the paintings are vivid, bold and lush in texture and colour. Hung throughout the public rooms of The Sebel, they provide a wonderful and stark contrast to the usual hotel art we typically ignore. This exhibition is well worth a Friday night get-together with friends at The Sebel.
The Artists: The Hawkesbury is home to many artists and artisans and this has always been so. Stories and rumours of Aboriginal rock paintings are part of the Hawkesbury folklore. 19th century artists made their way to the River and the landscape captured their artistry. Today, the Hawkesbury Artists & Artisans Trail includes local galleries and studios and several times each year, these are open to the public. We have visited a number of the artist's studios -- it is an intriguing (and visual) experience as each studio is a unique statement of the particular artist. We highly recommend the tour (see
P.S. A quick note on the renovation taking place at The Sebel Resort. The newly decorated banquet rooms are elegant, and rumour has it a rennovation of the lobby and dining areas are soon to begin. No wonder The Sebel Resort is such a popular destination for visitors.

Each July, we take a hiatus from winter, flying to the East Coast of the U.S. to the historic coastal island near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina of Wright Brothers fame. Here we grew up, a 9th generation child in an island family, barefoot and idyllic in summer heat. So, when summer in the U.S. rolls around, the lure of a calm Atlantic Ocean, sandy beaches and warm humid nights overwhelms and send us googling for a cheap flight!

Windsor in its historical place of NSW is in many  ways much like the island -- Roanoke Island, North Carolina -- where my family settled in the early 1700s. So, over the next few weeks, we will write about those comparisons and how historic Windsor must be preserved.  We hope you will read our posts and comment.