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Fun for kids during school holidays!

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PASSION FOR FASHION Wednesday 18 January 10am-noon
Create a vibrant painted life-size cut-out of yourself which you can then dress in your own trendy designer paper clothes. $15 – For school age children.
MAD HATTERS Thursday 19 January 10am-noon
Make your own Mad Hatters top hat with all the trimmings, just like Alice in Wonderland. $15 – For school age children.
WILD WIGS Friday 20 January 10am-noon
Learn how Wild Wig artist Colin Malzard uses foam to make the most outrageous wigs. 
$20 – For 10 years +.
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You still have time to decorate and the perfect place in Windsor for cheery decorations is The Home Store

Address:189-197 George Street
Phone: 02 4577 7747
Hours: Open daily

At the corner of Fitzgerald and George streets just beyond The Mall, The Home Store of Windsor is the 'everything' store. It is an 'Emporium of Riches'!

You could wander for days in room after room chock-a-block from floor to ceiling with ... well, everything! Think kitchen, think home accessories. Think weddings and parties!


Think invitations, stationery and table decorations. Need dress-up costumes? Need arts and crafts items for school holidays? If you can't find an item, call on the staff. They seem to know every nook and cranny and the location of those everyday items.

Back in ancient 2014, we received an enquiry through our website from a reader residing on the Central Coast. She couldn't recall the name of a shop in Windsor where she had made a purchase. She wanted a duplicate of the item she had purchased. Calling upon the wisdom of our Windsor friends, within minutes, we knew, and from many sources - the name and location: The Home Store on George Street.

Proprietor Tass Karozis tells us that many locals still refer to the store by its name from many years ago, The Base. Typical of country towns - the former name and its reputation is fused in local memory.