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The 2017 Historic Windsor Guide is out and we are slowly getting it across the district and Western Sydney.


Lots of new photos, some new stories to promote Windsor beyond the Hawkesbury. Pick up copies in Visitor Information Centres, Windsor Ice Creamery, Fricker Shoes, The Fitzroy and the Hawkesbury Hotel.



Here's a taste:

Historic Windsor GUIDE > Floods, facts and fiction:  This year, we continued our search for unusual sightings in the old buildings of Windsor.


Hawkesbury Regional Museum – The Myth of the Flabbit In the not too distant past, a creature up in the Colo wilderness was sighted by a clever man who is revealed to us only as ‘RR’. He prefers to avoid further contact with the media or hordes of visitors who want to interpret the meaning of the creature – a rabbit with wings – or why the creature chose him, this clever man for a sighting. But it is with ‘RR’ where our legend of the Flabbit began.


Since that first sighting, Flabbit spotters and journalists roamed the Colo wilderness often in a futile search for Flabbit evidence. Keep in mind that mythical creatures choose their ‘spotters’ – rarely revealing themselves to sceptics, or mythbusters.


With time, this mythical creature – the rabbit with wings – developed a cultf ollowing within the realm of commercial ventures: quirky T-shirts, posters, stuffed toys and a song recorded and released by a Hawkesbury musician. All were produced in celebration of the Flabbit’s uniqueness.

So popular was the Flabbit in the land of big yarns and whopper tales, the Hawkesbury Regional Museum held an exhibition of Hawkesbury Myths & Legends some years back. The most exciting news: two original Flabbits joined the exhibition. [Editor’s note: we are uncertain how the exhibition curator knew the two Flabbits were originals.]

These two Flabbits donated along with other Flabbit memorabilia came to live in the permanent collection of the Museum. [Editor’s note: Taxidermy played a role but according to the RSPCA, no Flabbits were harmed for this exhibition.] If you want to see an original myth, just stop by the Museum on Baker Street in Windsor from 10am – 4pm. The Museum is closed on Tuesdays.


In keeping with today’s celebrity profile-raising, the Museum provides lasting memorabilia – Flabbit postcards, Flabbit button badges, Flabbit key rings and always available, the quirky Flabbit T-Shirt! Perhaps a Facebook page for our celebrity Flabbit is next in line for promotion? However, please don’t interpret your Flabbit sighting at the Hawkesbury Regional Museum as an invitation to seek out ‘RR’ – a very clever man. 





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