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Sydney's 2017 Blues & Roots Festival is on for early December and the artists and events will shake your boots, get you singing and dancing.


Ghost Road, Minnie Marks and The Swamp Stompers open this three-day event now in its 9th year, Friday December 1. Saturday the event opens at 9:30am at George Street Loft with Colleen Fricker & Friends.



The Saturday headline act, Johnny Devilseed & Old Man Rubes performs on the Hawkesbury Paddlewheeler. Great way to enjoy an afternoon! On the water!



Saturday, 2 December, the music rolls on into the wee hours with 8 Ball Aiken closing out the night (1:15 - 2:30am) at the Fitzroy Hotel for all you dedicated rockers.

You can dance and sing along in three major venues: Tates Hawkesbury Hotel, the Fitzroy Hotel, Windsor Public School, Hawkesbury Paddlewheeler and new this year, a morning event at George Street Loft.  Perfect with terrific breakfast & sweets!


A wonderful three days of groovin' to the music in Windsor! For tickets.




"I'd do some spring cleaning, but then I'd have to turn right around and do it again next spring!"

                             so says:  Maxine (Halmark Licensing Inc) at


Dinky Di Cleaning & Hospitality Services

Address: 278 George Street
Phone: 02 4587 8670
Hours: Open Mon to Fri 8.30am - 4pm, Sat 8.30am - 12.30pm

Dinky Di has a product to clean almost everything. This large shop is chock-a-block with a range of hospitality and catering supplies. In this shop hygiene and cleanliness are always on the proprietors' minds, along with quick customer service.

This time of year for those of you with fish tanks in your household, the glass homes of little or big fishes need special attention. Heat and water are the perfect combinations for the dreaded mould. And with new products of Splosh™ now in stock, mould is in hasty retreat. We know how mould affects allergy sufferers. So, we look for natural and environmentally sound products that clean indoors and outdoors.

Dinky Di carries so many products that fit the fill - clean, clean, clean.

ONCE YOU FINISH THE CLEAN, IT'S TIME TO SHOP ( something Maxine would say)

The Home Store

Address: 189-197 George Street
02 4577 7747
Open daily

We lack shopping skills so The Home Store at the corner of Fitzgerald and George streets takes the pressure off. Here we find 'everything' - it is the ultimate variety store, an 'Emporium of Riches'! We have wandered for hours in room after room chock-a-block from floor to ceiling with…well, everything!

Think kitchen, think home accessories, furniture and mirrors. A wedding or anniversary coming up? At The Home Store, you'll find invitations, stationery and table decorations. . .

Need sewing items or hardware for a DIY project? Need arts and crafts items to keep kids entertained during school holidays? Or, dress-up costumes for a party. If you can't find an item, call on the staff. They seem to know every nook and cranny and the location of those everyday items.

Proprietor Tass Karozis tells us that many locals still refer to the store by its name from many years ago, The Base. Typical of country towns - the former name and its reputation is fused in local memory.

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