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The Cake Gallery Continental Patisserie & Cafe (Old Post Office Arcade) is now under new management. Changes in menu, display and service are nicely apparent. The smell of savoury pies just coming out of the oven was tantilizing and we learned from Mandy that husband/chef Anthony bakes/cooks everything on-site.
The displays are works of art -- sweets of every description, colour and shape line the shelves. Beautiful cakes! A chilled salad bar looked fresh and healthy, and so we will follow the Cake Gallery in the coming weeks. After we sample their menu, we'll share with you their gourmet specialities. Windsor and the Hawkesbury have benefitted! However, forewarned is forearmed (calories are everywhere)! We could feel the kilos lurking 'round -- waiting for us to dive in. Oh, why not live dangerously.

Today, we made our way to the outpost of Spencer. Yes, it was mid-week when there is very little traffic and we felt a priviledged isolation --"far from the maddening crowd" of Sydney. 
The Hawkesbury River, flowing parallel with the narrow road, turns and bends and sparkles today. Along the road, trees lean over the road, a bower or arch of spring growth where shadows and sun play games across the bonnet of our car. Sandstone walls or dark river, the road winds to accommodate each, crosses narrow bridges and passes large spans of grazing land. It is the perfect drive and the perfect day for a sports car -- top down if you are lucky.
From the Wisemans'  ferry crossing, a mere five minutes, we travel approximately 30 minutes, sighting only a solitary fisherman until we arrive at Spencer. After kilometers of a rural landscape, a most beautiful sight appears for those of us who love the river, the escarpment and the tree-lined hills surrounding the river. At Spencer, they come together in stunning asymmetry almost untouched by humans.
Yet, we're also moved by the sight of the Spencer Village Store. The porch tables are all occupied -- it is a gorgeous sunny day for lunch at the river. Across the narrow road and just steps from the river, a happy group share a BIG picnic shaded by a beautiful tree at the Dunkirk Hotel. . . the only pub in Australia without a bar!  In true and typical Aussie humour and only in a small village -- it's worth a trip!
In our next post, we'll reveal some secrets about Spencer and its claims as the "hub of the universe!"