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Recently, Colo High Students submitted a script to the 2017 Sydney Water competition 'Brand Without A Bottle' and to their delight, the Colo script was  'short listed'. with five other Sydney area schools. The Colo team is now up against teams from Bonnyrigg High School, Chifley College Shalvey Campus, Hurlstone Agricultural High School, Muirfield High School and Strathfield Girls High School.


  • First prize of $5000 and 2 runner up prizes of $2500 will be awarded to the three finalist schools for water projects or needed resources in the school. 
  • The competition challenged Year 7 and 8 English students to recognise their creative skills by writing a compelling short script that shifts public perceptions and encourages people to choose tap water over bottled water. 50 scripts from Sydney schools were submitted.


Sydney Water brought on board a professional company to film the scripts submitted from each of the six short-listed schools and all six films will be hosted online for members of the public to help choose the winner. The Colo students ask for your vote through 12 June. Click on the Sydney Water website, if you have time watch ALL the videos, click on like (thumb up) and then share with your social media network:


Great opportunity for a local school! Talent abounds! Give these kids your vote of confidence!


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