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   Museum Exhibition


The Hawkesbury has three 'shining stars' and each serves a terrific purpose: The Regional Library, the Regional Museum and the Hawkesbury Regional Gallery. 

We'll begin with the Libary: this year, and perhaps even before 2017, the library is hosting authors' talks, 'night at the movies' and helpful classes on technology and on researching with newspapers (perhaps 18th c.) and 21st century style databases.


   Authors' Talks


The week of 6July author Paul Boon Paul Boon will discuss his new book, The Hawkesbury River: a Social and Natural History (CSIRO Publishing). On July 11 6pm - 7.30pm  Kate Forsyth, an award winning Australian author and leading name in historical fiction, will talk about her latest novel, Beauty in Thorns.


And for all the movie buffs: before Hugh Jackman, before Mel Gibson and even before Errol Flynn, there was Frank Hagney, Australia's most prolific and arguably the hardest working actor in Hollywood. And in May, the Library's 'night at the movies' continued with a special presentation by Frag Hagney enthusiast Glen Op’ Den Brouw.



Tech Savvy? The people in these photos are all tech-savvy seniors  At one time they struggled with computers and (like you or someone you know?) freaked out at the very thought of the Internet.  Well, as the saying goes, knowledge is power.

(that's Vino on the left, in the gorgeous orange top).




These are just a few of the great activities at the Hawkesbury Regional Library. Stay tuned for a look at our Museum and later in the month, the Gallery.


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