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All up and down George Street, locals and visitors were enjoying breakfast Monday morning The weather was lovely at this hour on what would be come a hot day.  Windsor Mall was waking up as most shops and pubs do not open until 10 am. But the 'eatery' district was in full swing. The scent of coffee was in the air and in the first block of Windsor Mall, a new and delightful bakery has opened. Le Pain Artisan Coffee & Bakery is a touch of city living, without the terrible traffic!  Ah, the wonderful scent of breads and sweets pastries float out the door. The young couple who opened this charming spot are Vietnamese -- they met in Sydney. . . a wonderful immigration story.


The interior captures our attention immediately -- this baker couple are also artistic visually -- wonderful touches of imported aged windows and doors hang on walls along with a gorgeous choice of wall colour and hanging plants. Lighting is so sophisticated -- we wondered had we been dropped into a cafe district in Surry Hills?



Vin trained with a Sydney French baker  -- traditional French baking -- no commercial yeast, rather fresh yeast. No sugar. He is an artisan who is connected with the  dough through a sense of touch -- a skilled tactile memory and understanding as he works with the dough.  And the breads and pastries are proof of such a skill. We think you will love this new addition to the eat street of Windsor.



 And, as we asked in our title -- have the commercial winds of Windsor changed direction? 

Alicia Goldstein moved her shop, but only across The Mall to a HUGE location, 131 George Street -- and as usual her distinctive designer skill has made this a flagship offering on the  Mall. She will offer classes and workshops in the beautiful confines of Jewellery by a Farmer's Daughter.


Soon, a 'Cupcake' shop will open next door to Alicia. In the same block a chocolatier, Hands On Chocolate is open at 113 The Mall, Thursday through Sunday and proprietor, Bernadette, offers classes in the craft of chocolate goodies which sound divine to us who will binge on dark chocolate!  Next door Bazz's Whine Bar at 117 The Mall opens Thursday through Saturday. (5pm). Check it out.


The Mall's flagship shops, Guy's Stuff and Lollies 'N' Stuff continue to thrive and draw visitors and locals alike to The Mall. When the product is good as this proprietor can attest, shops prosper.


Sunday Markets are on and seasonal fruit and veggies are available, music and all the cafes are serving terrific breakfasts. Artisans are selling their wares and a village feel flourishes.



The Hawkesbury Paddlewheeler sits in the river ready for a party -- weddings have been big on the river this autumn (even though the weather seems to be confused -- today its a hot 35!) And for a really small group (four only) Milo, the MiniTug Boat (4.3 metre) is now 'cruising up and town the river'.  Charming! For Mini TugBoat details


The Fitzroy Hotel, under new management has made a great comeback. Fitzy Fridays are hot right now with the younger set -- 3 D.J.(s) on Friday nights and the dancing goes on until 3AM!





Down at the bottom of George Street, the Hawkesbury Hotel is undergoing a new kitchen remodel and the new Courtyard Bistro is planning big things with a new (but familiar to Windsor) chef, Jarred Faint. Of course, Peter Fricker is planning another big Blues & Roots Festival come October and we know the crowds will come.


All and all, the vibe is good --  Next week, we will talk about the shops and cafes Beyond The Mall -- lots to share about these little jewels.



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