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Well, perhaps not frightful, but certain windy and chilly and we need some warming up! Windsor has just what you need. Food, Warming and Glorious Food! So check out our 'eat street'.



Yummy hot soups, hot brekkie and hot, gorgeous breads! George Street is Windsor's 'eat street'-- from the top of The Mall to the foot of George, you'll find filling and flavourful foods. . . gluten-free, if you wish, rich and thick stews, spicy Chinese menu and desserts to die for. We love them all in winter.

     Delicious Pizza and Pastas at the top of The Mall



    Breads, Breads, and yummy sweets at Le Pain -- Windsor's new French Bakery & Cafe at the top of The Mall.


  Spicy Prawns with noodles at our favourite Chinese Restaurant -- It is a big restaurant with seating for your entire family, the neighbour's children and all your friends as well. Great options on the menu and plenty of them! Take away is very popular!


   Zazu Cafe will make your day with a hearty Aussie breakfast -- a gorgeous burger for lunch, or, you can mix it up with an enticing Lebanese dish.

l  Sushi near the iconic Paddlewheel -- it's Wondersushi



 Special teas and terrific coffee at Lime & Coconut, maybe a purchase of honey for your tea at home. A healthy breakfast gets the day off to a good start, even if it is cold!


In keeping with the theme of brrrrr winter. . . The George Street Loft is planning it's next Locals Dinner with music for late July. Wonderful winter rustic foods -- great for the soul and the body!


 Make your way to 'eat street' in Windsor. Chase away the chilly blues!




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