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Leura Streetscapes & Landscapes

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Farmers DaughterCushionStockings

Windsor Mall Sunday Markets

Phone: 0418 869 685

Hours: Sundays 9am - 3:30pm

At the Sunday markets on The Mall, we make a habit whatever the season to stock up on the tasty produce. Additional produce vendors have recently secured a place to hawk their wares, extending the range of food on offer.

From Orange we enjoy corn, lettuce, potatoes, dark kale, and fresh eggs. In summer, deep red strawberries, blueberries and ripe juicy stone fruit from Bilpin and Pitt Town have been our favourites. A vendor selling exotic spices attracts a crowd - we need cumin and curry for a new recipe. Nearby, shoppers crowd around the jams, jellies and honey vendors. Be prepared…many locals arrive early to purchase the best produce.

Craft-vendors under colourful umbrellas line George Street for two pedestrian-only blocks. By mid-morning, crowds have arrived, cafés are buzzing and parking is scarce. The aroma of fresh coffee is pervasive and the scent of pancakes sends crowds to a café or a bakery. This is Windsor's 'eat street'.

Music can be heard up and down The Mall and where Baker intersects George Street, Windsor's familiar paddlewheel water feature rotates slowly. The crowd is polite - only mild jostling. Heavy rain is the only thing that will keep vendors and shoppers away!

Smik Surf

Address: Shop 13 Lachlan Court, 100 The Mall
Phone: 02 4587 9710
Hours: Open daily
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The big draw for Windsor Mall is this large shop of swim and beach gear. Smik Surf has been around for many years stocking major brands - including Billabong and Rip Curl - with all the gear one needs for the sporting life. Fully stocked with women's, men's and kids' gear, all served up with lots of great customer service.

Jewellery by a Farmers Daughter

Address: 131 George Street
Phone: 02 4587 9013
Open daily
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Vintage, vintage, vintage! Designer Alicia Goldstien is a constant whirl of creativity. Behind her whirring sewing machine or at the design board, she is talent unleashed. A graduate of Sydney Design School, she crafts as you browse.

Did you know?
'In those days (1900) many an ingenious person ran his own bank'.
An old tin buried in the back garden was a popular hiding place. A loose flagstone could hide a bag of coins. A jar of coins up the chimney was another favourite and some savvy financial entrepreneurs took little chance.
They hid their currency all over the house.

Jewellery and wearable art crafted from vintages pieces are displayed. The clothing is a mix of Goldstien's designs and imported fashion. You can easily find this charming shop — items spill out into The Mall storefront. Weekly browsing through the period pieces at Farmers Daughter is a must.

Vintage furniture displayed at eye level or unique light fixtures hanging from overhead - all are different. We purchased our first Farmers Daughter designed jewellery almost 10 years ago and still, envious looks come our way when we wear it.

Look over the homewares and vintage jewellery or clothing - you'll certainly find much to love!

Lollies 'n' Stuff

Address: 123 The Mall
Phone: 02 4587 7913

Hours: Open daily 9am - 6pm

From floor to ceiling, rows and rows of familiar lollies trigger such a nostalgic longing for the American candies of our childhood. However, you are surrounded with many choices - an immense, international range of sweets from Australia, New Zealand, Europe and England.

The Home Store

Address: 189-197 George Street
02 4577 7747
Open daily

We lack shopping skills so The Home Store at the corner of Fitzgerald and George streets takes the pressure off. Here we find 'everything' - it is the ultimate variety store, an 'Emporium of Riches'! We have wandered for hours in room after room chock-a-block from floor to ceiling with…well, everything!

Think kitchen, think home accessories, furniture and mirrors. A wedding or anniversary coming up? At The Home Store, you'll find invitations, stationery and table decorations. . .

Need sewing items or hardware for a DIY project? Need arts and crafts items to keep kids entertained during school holidays? Or, dress-up costumes for a party. If you can't find an item, call on the staff. They seem to know every nook and cranny and the location of those everyday items.

Proprietor Tass Karozis tells us that many locals still refer to the store by its name from many years ago, The Base. Typical of country towns - the former name and its reputation is fused in local memory.

CottageStreet Corner

Guy Stuff

Address: 156 The Mall
Phone: 02 4577 2797

Hours: Open daily and Thu late night shopping

At the flagship store 'Guy Stuff' in Windsor and online you'll find jerseys, retro jerseys, footy shorts, NRL, AFL and club garb in all sizes, styles and shapes. If you're fond of the drink, Jack Daniels (or Jim Beam) paraphernalia is hot this year - logo pool balls, vintage wall clocks and tin signs to spiff up your own Man Cave at home. If you prefer to shop online, Guy Stuff has an amazing 10,000 items of merchandise for sale.


Purple Noon Gallery

Address: 606 Terrace Road, Freemans Reach
Phone: 02 4579 6579

Hours: Open Wed to Fri 10am - 5pm; 
Sat & Sun 11am - 4pm

We include Purple Noon Gallery in our 'shop' section as many visitors come to the area in search of local artists' work. Purple Noon is located outside of North Richmond on Terrace Road, at Freemans Reach. The setting is delightful; the gallery building was purpose-built with sandstone walls, aged timber and an unusual corrugated iron roof. The setting, the view and the gallery alone are well worth the short drive from Windsor.

Gallery exhibitions are announced early on but among the permanent collection - Indigenous, emerging and established artists - are rare finds. Mixed artwork, sculpture, and jewellery are for sale, items for those who love the unusual and the memorable.

Hawkesbury Regional Museum

Address: 8 Baker Street
Phone: 02 4560 4655

Hours: Open daily 10am - 4pm 
(closed Tue, available by appointment)

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When we want a diary, a journal or a historical narrative of early Australia, we head to the Regional Museum on Baker Street. Sagas of great wars or the story of the locally based RAAF are available for purchase.

If we want to be the favourite grandparent in our family, we look to the museum's stock of children's gifts. Toys, board games or paper dolls - we can always find the unusual.

The exceptional exhibition, Flood is still on display in 2017 and not to be missed. The photography featured in this exhibition brings to life the impact of floods in the Hawkesbury and the storyline is captivating.

Hawkesbury Reginoal Museum